The 10 Best Tech Gifts Ideas For 2018

Do you have any geeky friends? Are you struggling to find a gift for a techie loved one, friend or family member? Here is just the blog for you to provide you tech gift ideas for inspiration!

1.Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Wristband 

The latest Fitbit Flex is a great way to track your fitness,  it has a battery that lasts up to 5 days, is completely waterproof and you can receive call and text notifications. It also looks great on your wrist and is the slimmest addition yet.

fitness wristband tech gift idea

2.Power bank

This case is one of the most versatile gift out there. In an age where we constantly need battery power for all our gadgets and tech that we take outside. What differentiates this battery pack from the competition is its price, its power and its reliability.


3.Official Google Cardboard

This is VR in a cardboard box. We are not kidding! What surprised uswhen using oneof these is that it works really well and for the price it’s unbeatable.  All you need to do is put your smartphone into the headset and you’re in the VR world.

google cardboard gift idea

4.Wireless Charger, ESR Qi Wireless Charging Pad

2018 is the year of wireless charging. I don’t know if anyone has already said that but in any rate i’m saying it now. Compared to the market this works well, is cheap, looks great and is compatible both with the latest iphones (8 and X) and with the latest Samsung galaxy phone. This can make a great gift for anyone with the latest flagship phone.


wireless charging as a gift


DOCKIN D fine stereo is out. The stereo sounds is fantastic and it also doubles up as a powerbank. It’s also completely water and dust proof. A must buy for a music fan! You can get DOCKIN D Fine on Amazon UK on this page.

dockin bluetooth speaker gift idea tech

6.Intelligent WiFi Smart Plug Socket

These plugs are not only damn cool but they are practically very useful too, enabling you to be able to switch on or off any appliance in the house with an app. Whether that be your TV or smoothie maker. You don’t know what you are missing until you get one!

smart plug socket as a gift

7.Key Finder, Esky 4 in 1 Wireless Key

This is a very powerful key tracker and can track items up to 30 metres away. You can attach the trackers to anything whether it be keys, your phone, dog or wallet. This key-finder could really change someone’s life if used in the right way. Get it for someone who frequently loses or worries about losing their stuff.

8.DIY iPhone screen replace kit

We all know that if you damage your screen by dropping your phone or accidentally taking it for a swim you’re going to have to pay big bucks to replace your screen. You may have already looked into replacing the screen yourself but you worry you’re going to damage your phone further or simply be wasting your money.  Giga Fixxoo’s DIY repair kit is very easy to use and even the most non tech person is suddenly able to replace their screen by themselves.

Giggo Fixxoo Display Kit

9.Roku Streaming Stick+

This is a tiny, very reasonably priced media streamer that also has the capability of putting 4K and HDR10 content on your TV. It works seamlessly and so would be a joyous gift for most people who enjoy watching high quality images.

TV stick tech gift idea


We are including another speaker into our list of top 10 tech gifts. The sound is exquisite and for that alone it could be worth purchasing for a special one. However, although Siri does respond reasonably well to commands if you are looking for an assistant it maybe better at present to look towards Alexa as a more competent assistant.

Homepod tech gift idea