10 Tips To Improve Your iPhone’s Battery Life

Are you looking for some easy ways to improve the battery life of your iPhone? Tired of running out of juice by lunchtime? Well, listen up! Here are 10 easy tricks to getting the most out of your iPhone battery.

1. Engage WIFI Assist

wifi assist

You might not know it, but WIFI is one of those silent killers for when it comes to the Apple iPhone and its battery. Unless you have a perfect three-bar wifi signal, your phone will do all it can to hold on to the wireless signal it’s attached to. That means if you have a less-than-perfect signal, your phone will use even more battery in order to retain the connection. So what do you do to remedy this situation? Enable WIFI assist.

WIFI assist will automatically switch your phone over to its cellular data connection once the WIFI signal dips too low. One thing to note is this will definitely eat up your data plan more rapidly.

2. Enable Low Power Mode on Your iPhone

low power mode iphone

You’ve probably seen the “Low Power” popup on your phone when your battery reaches 20%, giving you the option to enable low power mode or close the notification. If you’re like me and automatically close the majority of notifications you’re pushed, then slow down for a second and hear me out.

Low Power Mode will automatically turn off all but the essential functions of your phone, helping to squeeze the most out of your battery’s remaining power. If you want to enable Low Power Mode from the beginning, navigate to “settings > battery” and toggle the switch next to Low Power Mode to the “ON” position.

3. Turn Off Motion Effects

iphone motion effects

Know how your app icons will move slightly as you shift or tilt your phone? Well, low-and-behold this parallax effect is a real drain on your phone’s battery. Disable this effect by navigating to “settings > general > accessibility > reduce motion” and turn that switch to the “ON” position.

4. Auto Brightness

You probably already know this one, but the brighter your screen the greater the strain on your battery. If you don’t want to worry about your screen being too bright, simply enable Auto-Brightness and allow your phone to fend for itself; “settings > display & brightness > and turn the Auto-Brightness switch to “ON”.

5. Control Screen Brightness Manually

If you’d rather handle brightness on your own, simply swipe upwards from the home button and reduce the brightness level. You can also navigate to “settings > display & brightness > and adjust your phone’s brightness with the slider.

6. Turn Off Bluetooth

iphone bluetooth

Even though the latest iPhone Bluetooth capabilities are more energy-efficient, they still tend to do a number on a phones battery life. If you’re not using any Bluetooth devices, do yourself a favor and switch off Bluetooth by swiping upwards from the bottom of your screen and toggling off Bluetooth from the Control Center.

7. Turn Off 4G

While 4G speeds are much faster, it definitely uses a lot more power than 3G. The good news is that any 4G iPhone can also connect to 3G. So if you’re running low and really need to squeeze some extra juice out of your battery, navigate to “settings > cellular > voice & data” and select 3G instead.

8. Turn Off WIFI

iphone wifi

If you’re away from home or your office, there’s no need to keep WIFI on. Your phone will constantly be searching for a signal which, in turn, eats away at battery life. To turn off WIFI simply swipe upwards from the bottom of your screen and deselect the WIFI icon within the Control Center. 

9. Prevent Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is a feature within iOS that allows apps learn how frequently you use them, allowing your most-frequented apps to constantly be refreshing in order to serve you the latest information each time you unlock your phone. As you can probably imagine, it’s a power-suck. Turn this feature off by going to “settings > general > background app refresh”. 

10. “Hey Siri”

disable hey siri

If you didn’t know, Siri is always lurking in the background, waiting for your next command or request. This also means she’s eating into your battery life. Simply go to “settings > general > Siri” and turn her off. Don’t worry though, you’ll still be able to access Siri from the home button.

iPhone Battery Still Not Cutting It?

iphone battery diy replacement

If you’ve tried all these tips and still find that your battery isn’t living up to your needs, consider replacing your phone’s battery. You can do this yourself with a battery replacement kit from GIGA Fixxoo – don’t worry if you’re not a seasoned DIY’er either, we’ve got step-by-step instructional videos on our Youtube Channel.

Replacing your iPhone’s battery has never been easier. With the help of one of these GIGA Fixxoo kits, your phone will be back to peak performance in no time! Not to mention, you’ll also save a bunch of money and time doing it yourself. So if you’re suffering from battery issues, give these 10 tips a try and if you find that your phone still isn’t performing up-to-par, then be sure to check out the DIY iPhone battery replacement kits from GIGA Fixxoo.