How To Protect Your iPhone Screen From Getting Cracked or Scratched

We’ve all been there; one minute you’re messaging your friend to meet up for drinks or perusing r/aww on Reddit and the next, BOOM, your precious iPhone evades your ever-loving grasp and plummets to the pavement, landing “tails” side up. Once you pick it up and notice a spider web pattern of cracks emerging from the corner of your phone’s screen, your gasp is followed by a series of expletives…shortly followed by an onslaught of tears. Don’t worry, it’s happened to all of us. That’s why we’re here with some tips on how to protect your iPhone screen from those unexpected spills it’ll inevitably take over the course of its life.

Get Yourself a Decent Case

iphone shock proof case

A bump, drop or shock-proof case is a great first step to prevent your iPhone’s screen from cracking. Since your phone is more likely to land on one of its four corners, a shock-resistant case will absorb the majority of gravity’s force to protect your iPhone screen from gravity’s unforgiving wrath.

A Screen Protector – The iPhone’s Invisible Hero

iphone screen protector

A good tempered glass or plastic screen protector will act as a forcefield to your iPhone’s screen. It will protect it from those unexpected ejections it tends to make from the loving grasp of your hand(s). A screen protector is the cheapest and most essential step one must take to protect their screen from day-to-day wear and tear and those unexpected drops.

The iPhone Neck Strap

broken iphone display

If you’re one who is on their phone nearly 24/7, then why bother even putting it in your pocket? Most drops occur when you’re taking your phone out or putting it back in the pocket of your pants…so why not get yourself an iPhone neck strap? Not only will it save you the hassle of pulling your phone out everytime you decide to refresh Instagram, it’ll also nearly guarantee you never drop your phone again!

“I still dropped my iPhone and cracked the screen” – Fix it with a Fixxoo Screen Replacement Kit

Perhaps you’ve already dropped your iPhone, shattered or cracked the screen, and are here for a remedy to protect your iPhone screen. You’ve spent a significant amount of money on a new phone. Whether it’s the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 4, we know the pain of seeing our once crystal-clear display turn into a roadmap of cracks.  In the past, a broken screen meant dishing out a large chunk of change in order to get it repaired.  Or even worse, replacing your phone altogether. This was the biggest nightmare of all iPhone owners. Well, not to worry – GIGA Fixxoo has got you covered with its iPhone display repair kits.

fixxoo screen display repair kit

So you’ve broken your iPhone, what do you do? You’ve taken it into the store before and are well-versed in the expense of paying someone to replace your screen. Well, guess what? You can replace your iPhone’s display all by yourself with a GIGA Fixxoo DIY iPhone Screen Replacement Kit, specifically designed for your iPhone, 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 7, or iPhone SE. These kits are premium quality, tested in GIGA Fixxoo’s own labs and designed to have your phone back up and running in just a few minutes with their detailed instructions.

fixxoo tool kit display iphone repair

The DIY display replacement kits are super easy to install, especially with the help of instructional iPhone screen replacement video available to help guide you step-by-step. Should you get lost along the way, the GIGA Fixxoo team promises guaranteed success. This means that we will finish your repair job if you get stuck along the way. So, what are you waiting for? With the help of a GIGA Fixxoo iPhone Screen Replacement kit, your phone will be good-as-new in a matter of minutes!