Why is it taking so long for Apple to replace your iPhone battery?

Apple recently conceded to having intentionally slowed down their customers iPhones. Their justification was that they needed to do this to counteract problems found in ageing lithium-ion batteries. In their statement they said that once a battery gets older, it doesn’t hold a charge as well and can unexpectedly shut down if it’s put under too much stress. Thus, apple’s updates prevent this from happening through slowing performance and in turn spreading the stress put on your phone. This is the trade-off – your phone is slower than before but does not automatically turn off when the battery still shows it has a % left of battery.

iphone battery drained

Apple could not keep up with demand

It took some pressure from the media and iPhone users to push Apple to discount their battery replacement service. Eventually at the start of 2018 they implemented this price reduction for battery replacements for iPhone 7s and below. At present it costs £25 to replace your iPhone battery – a reduction from £79.

This sounds great but there is an issue. Apple was not prepared for the huge increase of demand that would arise. Since the discounted price was sanctions Apple have been inundated from iPhone users whose phones had been slowing down but had not realised the cause. Apple have been unable to keep up with the demand. It can now take over a month to get your battery replaced.

I need to wait over a month for my new battery? What?

Most people seem unable to survive without their phone for a day let alone a month. Waiting a month is clearly unfeasible for most especially if their battery has real pressing issues. So what is the solution? If speed is your priority then you should seriously consider purchasing a DIY battery replacement kit. These DIY kits have improved immensely over the last few years. Gone are the days where you would buy a DIY kit and still require assistance from a specialist, they really do make it as easy as possible for any non-technical person to use. Giga Fixxoo leads the competition when it comes to providing a DIY kit solution that is incredibly easy to use, as well as being reasonably priced. It’s possible to order the kit one day and receive it the next. Why wait a month when you can just wait a day?

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There is another issue in handing over your phone to anyone to replace your battery. There might be a chance of your data getting compromised or stolen when giving your phone to anyone. Apple is a large reputable corporation who are less likely to undertake such activity, but if you give your phone to a third party repair shop you are ultimately handing your phone to individuals that you are not familiar with.

data security

When I last got my battery replaced by  repair shop a few years ago, I went through the tiresome activity of backing up all my data and wiping my phone. I personally could not risk my sensitive data getting compromised. The problem is you may not know if your data was compromised until a few years later when it’s too late. Using a Fixxoo DIY kit gives you control as your phone is always in your hands. You don’t have the hassle of backing up your phone and then wiping it after. Nor do you have the stress or worry of putting your full trust into the hands of people you don’t know.

Our DIY recommendation

So if you are looking for a fast, cheap and safe method to replace your iPhone battery then I would look no further than Giga Fixxoo’s DIY replacement kits. Plus you have the rewarding satisfaction of fixing your iPhone all by yourself! How many people can say they’ve done that?

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