What iPhone Model Should I Buy?

If you were in the market for a new iPhone a few years back, you simply had to decide what your storage needs were and whether or not you wanted to buy a brand new phone, or save some cash and pick up a used model. Nowadays, all offerings from Apple are more than capable of handling your day-to-day tasks, and then some. So, you’re probably asking yourself “What iPhone should I buy?“, right? 

Nowadays, you’ve got more than a few models to choose from…and they’re all equally capable of performing day-to-day tasks. So, it all comes down to a few questions: “Do I need Face ID?”, “Is Touch ID necessary?”, and “Are Animojis essential?”.

Today, we’re going to cover the three latest offerings in the Apple iPhone range and who their ideal user is.

The iPhone X

iphone x

If the biggest and best is what you’re going for, then look no further – the iPhone X is for you. With its edge-to-edge screen and camera that’ll give your DLSR a run for its money, the iPhone X is the top performing smartphone from Apple.

Other Noteworthy Features of The iPhone X

Face ID – unlock your phone with your face, as well as confirm Apple Pay transactions.

Wireless Charging – forget fumbling with a cord, simply place your iPhone X on the Qi charging mat and you’ll be juiced up in no time.

The Latest Processors – the iPhone X is the fastest of the bunch, sporting the fastest chips on the market.

Some Drawbacks of The iPhone X

If the expensive price tag isn’t enough to make you balk, then perhaps the lack of headphone jack will. You’ll either have to use Apple Airpods, or use their adaptor to connect traditional headphones.

Price: $999 for 64GB, $1149 for 256GB

The iPhone 8

iphone 8

While the iPhone X is a large step above any of recent iPhone models from Apple, the iPhone 8, unfortunately, falls victim to the “middle child” syndrome. Don’t get us wrong, it’s an amazingly capable phone, however, it’s not the iPhone X and it’s still more pricey than the iPhone 7.

Some Noteworthy Features of The iPhone 8

Large screen – a 4.7-inch screen is larger than the iPhone SE’s 4-inch screen.

Touch ID, 3D Touch, Apple Pay and Apple Watch compatibility.

Some Drawbacks of The iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 doesn’t come with any groundbreaking features like facial recognition or the edge-to-edge screen you’ll see on the iPhone X. It also lacks the advanced camera featured on the iPhone X. Oh, and it’s also sans-headphone jack. So just like the iPhone X, you’ll have to use AirPods if you pick up an iPhone 8. Don’t get us wrong though, the iPhone 8 is still a great phone

Price: $699 for 64GB, $849 for 256GB

The iPhone 7

iphone 7

The iPhone 7 is a great phone that’s nicely priced. It’s been Apple’s top phone for 2016 and most of 2017 and is even a great option for 2018, depending on what you’re looking for.

Noteworthy Features of The iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 features 3D Touch, a high-quality camera and a solid 4.7-inch screen that’ll easily fit in your pocket.

Some Drawbacks of The iPhone 7

While the iPhone 7 is a perfectly adequate phone for most uses these days, it’s considerably slower than the 8 and X models. The camera, while still extremely high quality, isn’t quite up-to-par with the iPhone 8 or X either. Most won’t notice much difference between the three, however, if you’re an avid photographer then this might be something to consider when shopping for a new iPhone.

Price: $649 32GB, $749 128GB

So, What iPhone is Right For Me?

which iphone is right for me?That’s a question you’ll have to ask yourself! Whether you’re a tech nerd, looking for cutting-edge features and the fastest equipment possible, or maybe you’re value-conscious and are seeking out a good deal; no matter what you’re seeking for in a smartphone, one of the three latest iPhone models will undoubtedly be a good fit.