New iPhones for 2018 – Release Dates, Prices & Specs

If you’re a tech aficionado or a hardcore Apple fan, you might’ve already heard the rumors circulating about Apple’s new 2018 iPhone models. The iPhone 11, iPhone XI and potentially the iPhone X Plus are all potential new releases for this year.

Today, we’ll be covering tentative release dates. We’re going over possible new features as well as discussing ballpark pricing for these new 2018 iPhone models.

So, What Models Can We Expect? What Will They Be Called?

new 2018 iphone modelsAccording to Macworld, there are a few possibilities for what 2018’s iPhones will be called. Some potential names include:

  • iPhone 9 & 9 Plus
  • iPhone 11 & 11 Plus (also known as the iPhone XI & XI Plus)
  • iPhone X Plus – a step up from the current iPhone X

When Will These New 2018 iPhone Models Be Released?

iphone 6sThat’s a great question. Going off of Apple’s tendency to release new iPhones each September, our best guess for the next iPhone release will be September 2018. This is exactly one year after the launch of the iPhone 8.

How Many New iPhones Should We Expect for 2018?

new 2018 iphone modelAs mentioned above, reports suggest that these new iPhone models will arrive in autumn of this year. So exactly how many new phones is Apple going to release this year? Reports indicate that there could be up to four new iPhone models for 2018, each featuring the edge-to-edge screen design already seen on the iPhone X.

New tentative models for this year include the 5.8” OLED iPhone 11 (XI), the 6.5” OLED iPhone X Plus (XI Plus), and finally a 6.1” LCD model to start around $700. The latter iPhone will take design cues from the current iPhone X except with a slightly more pronounced beveled edge.

Rumors indicate that this model will include Face ID, but not 3D Touch, and will be sans twin cameras on the rear of the phone. KGI Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, predicts that this new iPhone could sell upwards of 100-million units.

2018 iPhone Model Pricing

iphone xCurrent pricing of Apple’s top-of-the-line iPhone X started at $999, with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus retailing for $699 and $799. Our best guess is that the 2018 models will follow a similar pricing structure, with an exception for the rumored “iPhone X Lite”.

The new potential “iPhone X Lite” will cater to those who chose not to upgrade to the iPhone X. A survey conducted indicates that 31% of iPhone users surveyed balked due to price, with another 44% not upgrading due to their current iPhone being in perfectly good working order.

What If I don’t Want to upgrade?

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We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our predictions for the upcoming year! Whether you’ve just upgraded your iPhone to the latest model or are looking towards keeping your iPhone 6 or 7 for the long run, we here are at GIGA Fixxoo are dedicated to helping you keep your phone running and looking like-new.