The New Apple Releases Expected in 2018

There’s no doubt that Apple is one of the world’s pioneering technology companies. Its dedication to minimalist, simple and clean design, excellent hardware and software have made it a corporate giant. Every year, Apple releases new products that blow away people’s expectations. Here’s what is expected to be released in 2018 – as Apple improves over the iPhone X and iPad Pro.

First there was one, then two – now three new iPhones

apple 2018 iphones

First up on the list is the rumour that there will be not two iPhones released in 2018, but three iPhones released in 2018. Woah! That’s mind-blowing! 2017’s iPhone X release blew expectations with its crazy-new design and top specs and features.


The iPhone X design is highly successful and it seems like Apple may bring it its other models. The edge-to-edge screen is beautiful, and the third iPhone could employ this type of screen. Rumour also has it that the new iPhone might be even bigger than the iPhone X – a whopping 6.5-inch screen!

We know these phones will improve every year – but three iPhone models are sure to help Apple take over the entire smartphone market. It also makes choosing one harder! One of these might be a cheaper model, which is easier on the wallet – iPhone repairs can be expensive unless you DIY.

A lower cost iPad

apple new ipad release

The iPad Pro is definitely the best iPad Apple has released so far. But it’s also the most expensive. Not everyone can afford the iPad Pro – so it’s expected that Apple might have an updated tablet for a lower price point. This is something that will appeal to a low-cost target market.

It might simply be a smaller, slower, and cheaper version of the iPad Pro but with everything the Apple brand name has to offer. This would make a great gift or a first tablet for babies and kids. It’s easier on the wallet when a cheaper iPad breaks than an expensive iPad Pro!

The Apple Pencil might get a makeover

The Apple Pencil is so smooth and so easy to use! Of course, if the iPad Pro is getting a makeover, so will the Apple Pencil.

New Apple Watch

2018 apple watch released

Since the Apple Watch was released in 2015, Apple has been hard at work making it better every year. Both the internal hardware and the Watch software has seen changes and tweaks over the past three years.

But the design hasn’t changed. This might change this year. Rumour has it that an all-new Apple Watch redesign will be released in 2018. If this is true – it will be one of the biggest Apple and smart-watch announcements of this year!

A new wireless charger?

apple wireless charger

Apple has yet to release the mystery “AirPower” product. This wireless charger might be the one that can charge your AirPods, Apple Watch, and iPhone all at the same time without needing to be plugged in.

Apple headphones?

rumour of apple headphones

Ever since the Apple AirPods was released, there have been rumours about Apple jumping back into the headphones market, too. We might see wireless over-the-ear headphones from Apple in 2018!

Mysteries from Apple

official apple brand logo

The rumour mill continues to grow and Apple is one of those companies that have the most anticipation surrounding it. This article rounds up some of the rumours, but there may be new rumours, design changes, product releases, and so much more as the year goes on. Stay tuned and let the excitement of Apple 2018 begin!