No Network Service On Your iPhone? Here Are The Solutions

The problem

problem iphone

We have all had the problem of having no service, it can be one of the most frustrating situations that you encounter. It also seems to always be the time when you most require service coverage. What is the solution to this problem? What can you as an iPhone user do to get back on the network as quickly as possible?

There is no one size fits all, as in truth there are copious reasons to why your network bars maybe low or not working completely. We will take you through the most common solutions which should solve your network problems.

A simple toggle of airplane mode

This is the simplest solution just switching on and off the Airplane mode can sometimes be the solution to your network coverage issues. If this is not the issue then move on to the below solutions

Update your iPhone’s software

ios update

iOS is constantly providing fixes to small bugs which could prevent you getting good service coverage. In recent months some iPhone users have appeared to have become more cautious in downloading the latest iPhone updates fearing the slowing down of their phone or shortening of their battery life. However we would thoroughly recommend updating your iPhone as frequently as possible as to ensure your phone is adept at dealing with the latest bugs.

Once you are connected to Wi-Fi, you can check if a software update for your iPhone is available by going to Settings -> General -> Software Update.

It could be your carrier

if an update isn’t available for your iOS it could be your carrier being out of date. Go to Settings -> General -> About to check for a carrier settings update. If that’s not available then your carrier is already up-to-date  and this is not the issue.

Reset your network settings

reset iphone network settings

Resetting your network settings to the default is a common fix for many issues. This includes the lack of network coverage that some users encounter. After resetting the network settings and rebooting this could be the fix you are looking for.

To do this open Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. Enter your iPhone password, then find the Reset Network Settings section via the confirmation pop-up which will appear near the bottom of your iPhone’s display.

Take out and reinsert your sim card

If you have completely no service then your sim card may not be in properly. If this is the case simply removing the sim card from your iPhone and putting it back can solve this issue. If you have lost the official Apple pin for extracting out your sim card then you can use a paper clip to do the same job.

Your phone is water damaged

Water damage has been known to prevent your phone receiving good service coverage. If your phone has recently got wet then this is likely to be the problem. You may have to take your iPhone to an Apple store if this is the case. In the Apple store they will be able to  quickly ascertain if your phone is water damaged and if that is the reasons for your lack of service coverage. Unfortunately, normally water damaged phones are not covered under warranty by Apple.

Last resort

iphone last resort

Your last resort is to contact your carrier, as it could be another issue on their side. For example sometimes carriers have activation codes that can resolve the problem when your iPhone has no Service. These codes can change on a frequent basis and so giving your carrier a quick call could be a good way to obtain the latest activation code.