How to Replace an iPhone Battery Yourself with GIGA Fixxoo

Replacing the battery in your iPhone is one of the easiest ways to not only extend the life of your phone but also increase its resale value. With the GIGA Fixxoo DIY battery replacement kit, you’ll be “out with old, in with the new” in no time. Not sure if it’s time to replace your iPhone battery? Check out the Apple’s latest Battery Health Tool available in iOS 11.3.  

If you already got your hands on one of our kits, simply follow along as we’ll walk you through step-by-step on replacing your iPhone’s battery using a DIY kit from GIGA Fixxoo

  1. Just to be safe, we recommend backing up all the data on your phone before replacing the battery. A quick backup can be done via iCloud or iTunes.
  1. Once you’ve backed up your phone, make sure to turn it off before getting started.

iphone battery replacement

  1. Locate the two screws on the bottom of the phone’s frame and remove them with the included screwdriver.
  2. Next, open the phone using the suction cup included in the toolkit. Place the suction cup towards the bottom of the screen and pull gently until the screen and frame become separated.
  3. Once you’ve separated the screen from the frame, use the included metal plectrum to help further separate them.

iphone battery replacement

  1. Fold the display up just enough in order to be able to access the two screws holding the battery in place. Remove these screws.
  1. Next, locate the metal cover holding the logic board in place and carefully remove it.
  1. Using the included plastic spatula, detach this connection from the logic board.  
  1. Now you can easily remove the battery either using the plastic strap attached to it, or the green spudger tool included in the toolkit. Be careful not to puncture or otherwise damage the battery while doing so as hazardous substances could leak.

iphone battery replacement

  1. Once the old battery is removed, replace it with the GIGA Fixxoo battery. If the adhesive inside the phone is worn, use the double sided tape included in order to secure the battery in place.
  1. Next, reattach the connector to the logic board and secure it with two metal screws.
  1. Rejoin the screen and frame carefully by using your fingers. Start at the top of the phone and gradually work your way down to where the home button is.
  1. Ensure that the screen is flush on all sides and that there are no gaps.
  1. Finally, secure it with the two screws on the bottom of the frame.

That’s it! You’ve now got a brand new battery in your iPhone.

Some FAQs about iPhone Batteries

What is the APN? Is it compatible with my iPhone?

Every iPhone battery has an APN (article product number) which help identify the batteries used on various models. While some might think that batteries with different APNs are incompatible with one another, we’ve found that to be untrue. As long as the voltage, capacity and fit are right, then the battery should work with no problems.

Why does my phone reboot when I still have 30-40% battery life?

Regardless of the age of your battery, random reboots are often caused by having an outdated operating system. Make sure to update your OS to the latest version of iOS.

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Should I fasten all screws as tightly as possible?

Short answer: nope! Screws should be tight enough to not come loose, but not overtightened. If you overtighten the screws, then you’ll have a hard time getting them out in the future!

Will using a GIGA Fixxoo repair kit void my phone’s warranty?

Replacing your phone’s battery will void its warranty. If your phone still happens to be covered by a warranty, we recommend having Apple repair it for free first. Our kit comes into play once your warranty has run out or if for some reason Apple refuses to repair your phone.

iphone battery repair tutorial giga fixxoo
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