Best iOS Games of 2018 – Top 8 List

iPhone delivers on several amazing features that are useful for productivity, active lifestyle and professional networking. But let’s be honest, we all play games on our phone. Whenever you are traveling or being a little bored, you know you can always pick up your iPhone and play so many different games. But what to play? It’s a cutthroat market out there for iOS apps and games and there’s new games popping out all the time. So again, what are the best iOS games ?!

And if you aren’t playing any games, you should try it. iPhone is armed with amazing graphic hardware and responsive touch screen. You are missing on what this little piece of technology can deliver best.

Here’s a list of the latest and best games you can play on your phone from different categories to help you choose! Some are free, some you have to pay for. But we suggest only those that are worth it!

Action / Shooter – PUBG – Player Unknown Battle Ground (FREE)

PUBG, Player Unknown Battle Ground, Shooter, First Person, Action GameThis one is quickly caught in popularity as it first started in China and then opened to the rest of the world. The concept is simple. You get thrown off a plane onto an island and it’s a battle royal! Last man or team standing wins. Highly addictive.

Strategy – Plague Inc. (($0.99/£0.99/AU$1.99)

Game, Strategy, iOS, Apple, Plague Inc, Mobile, SmartphoneLet’s move away from buildings and overall strategies and go straight into building the ultimate plague to destroy the world. Inspired by a board game originally, it kept all the best parts and streamlined everything into a mobile friendly version. And once you get used to it, you have expansions you can buy to make the game even more entertaining. Tom’s Guide offers also a good selection of other potential strategy games for iOS.

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Card Game – The Elder Scrolls: Legends (FREE)

Games, Cards, Elder Scrolls, Legends, iOS, Smartphone, AndroidThere’s the main one, Hearthstone that is quite a popular one, but if you’ve never been too much into the World of Warcraft and preferred more the Elder Scroll franchise, you are in for a treat! This game is very VERY similar to Hearthstone, but all the game play and concept art is setup in the Elder Scroll universe. It was refreshing to have something new since Hearthstone has been around for a while.

Adventure – Batman: The Enemy Within (FREE)

Batman, Enemy Within, Telltale Games, iOS, Smartphone, Apple, Adventure, PuzzleNow if you played The Walking Dead from Telltale Games, this is another of their little masterpieces. You get to enjoy being Batman or Bruce Wayne (sorry if this is a spoiler, but really, it shouldn’t…) with choices that determine the evolution of your game! Now THAT’S an adventure.

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Puzzle – The Talos Principle ($4.99/£4.99/AU$7.99)

Talos Principle, Game, iOS, Smartphone, Apple, iPhone, PuzzleAs mentioned, this list is meant to get the most of your iPhone. That’s why we went ahead a suggested this puzzle game. Graphic wise, 20+ hours of game play mixed with an unfolding mystery about why you are a robot makes this puzzler game more interesting then you’re regular ones.

Racing – Grid Autosport ($9.99/£9.99/AU$14.99)

Racing Game, iOS, Apple, iPhoneX, Simulator, Cars, Action, Best of

If you’re looking for that one race game for your phone that feels like those you used to play on a console, this is it. You will need an iPhone 7 or SE or newer with 6gb space available to run this game. If you feel your phone is old, check out our article on the evolution of iPhones since the beginning. It might help you in choosing your next phone. Once you do, you will feel like if your playing on your PC or PlayStation. Immersive, high quality, awesome controls. It’s a challenging one, but it’s a fun one.

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RPG – Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius (FREE)

Final Fantasy, Game, iOS, RPG, Best of, Square Enix, Smarphones, Apple, iPhoneFinal Fantasy is a must in the world of RPGs. If you’ve never played one Final Fantasy, you’re missing out on an amazing universe. This freemium allows you to play a turn-base where you summon players from the Final Fantasy Universe to explore, battle, collect items. It kept the classic charm of a simplified interface battle system. It’s simplicity and it’s rich story is what makes Final Fantasy a fun RPG.

Augmented Reality – AR Smash Tanks! ($1.99/£1.99/AU$2.99)

Augmented Reality, AR, Tanks, Games, Smartphone, iPhone, Android, Virtual RealityBring your game into the real world thanks to augmented reality. This game is very similar to Angry Birds where you basically use a tank like a slingshot and you need to destroy the environment, so it topples down the other tanks!

If you need more inspiration for iOS games, TechRadar did provide us with a very exhaustive list of games as well. But in the meantime, if you happen to try to play a game with a broken screen, you might not enjoy them as much. Instead of buying yourself a new phone, you can replace your screen yourself with our kits and enjoy your phone again!