Top 10 iPhone Features You Can’t Live Without

The iPhone was the first smartphone people actually wanted. But it wasn’t only because of the brand name, or the luxurious and enticing appeal of something new, but also because of the unique features it came with. These features made using a smartphone easy and made life convenient. This is a list of the top 10 iPhone features you can’t live without.

1. Mute Switch

silent the iphone ring

The mute switch is a feature that has been found on every iPhone ever since Steve Jobs debuted the first iPhone in 2007. It’s a convenient little hardware piece that mutes the phone or unmutes it. At a time when phones were used for making phone calls, this was a convenient feature that gave peace of mind – that your phone really was silent. Simply move the switch left or right to mute/unmute.

2. AirDrop

share files with appe airdrop

AirDrop makes file sharing easy. Whether you want to share photos, videos, music files, or any other types of files between Apple devices, AirDrop is the one and only way to do it.  Simply tap the share button and your Apple device will show a list of devices to share to. Your friend/other device accepts the transfer and the file is sent.

3. The Lightning Connector

small and reversible lightning

Once upon a time, the iPhone used the clunky iPod cable to charge the device or connect with other devices. It was large and unsightly. But then, Apple came out with the Lightning connector and changed everything. The Lightning Connector can support audio, video, charging, and file transfer all at the same time. This connector is not only reversible, but it’s also small and convenient.

4. Wi-Fi Password Sharing

wifi password share apple

Who knew that sharing a Wi-Fi password could be complicated? First, you have to connect, then tell your friend the complicated and secure password, and by the third try – maybe they get it right. With iOS 11, sharing a Wi-Fi password is as easy as pressing a button – the devices do all the work – and the password is never shown.

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5. Drag & Select Photos

multi photo selection

Got lots of photos or videos on your phone? Need to share or delete them with a friend? Normally, this task involves selecting every individual file – and that can take a long time. Apple made this easy – simply select and drag your finger across all the files you want. Boom! 20 photos selected in just a few seconds. Can’t live without this feature!

6. Updated Flash

updated flash shooter on iphone

If you have a brand new iPhone 8, 8 Plus or an iPhone X, you’ve got the newest flash systems Apple offers. The new Slow Sync Flash gets rid of nasty red-eye, awful shadows, and makes taking pictures fun. The iPhone takes a photo at a slow shutter speed, while it boosts the speed of the flash fire. With the shutter open longer, it allows more light to filter in and the flash fills in the shadows and underexposed areas.

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7. Siri

siri voice assitant

Every major smartphone maker (and Android) have a voice assistant. But no voice assistant has become better year after year, except Siri. Siri sounds more and more human and easily recognizes commands and works (almost) every time. Not only does Siri make hands-free phone calls and searches answers for your questions on the Internet, but can also help you find those weekend barbeque photos from last summer.

8. Create Custom Vibrations

set custom vibration for contacts

Let’s say you’re at work or school and if your ringer goes off, you’ll be in trouble. But you’re expecting an important phone call or message; how do you know who is calling? If you go into Contacts > select a contact > Edit > Create New Vibration. Now you can set a custom vibration for all of your contacts.

9. Control Center

control settings on iphone

The iPhone Control Center isn’t the best-looking page, but it works so well. It’s super convenient to have everything on one page – from Wi-Fi & Flight Mode control to currently playing music. Simply swiping up shows all of the possible controls, and with 3D Touch, there are even more options.

10. Apple Pay

pay for purchases using iphoneThis last iPhone feature is one of the most important. Apple Pay has completely changed the way we pay for groceries, electronics, and the morning coffee. Instead of swiping a credit card or fumbling with cash, Apple Pay makes payments easy – just hold the phone near a payment pad and… that’s it.

What do you think? Are there any other features on the iPhone that you can’t live without? Share them in the comments section below.

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