The Complete Guide to iPhone X Camera Pictures

Want to learn how to make best pictures with your iPhone X camera? We’ve got you covered. One of the best features on the iPhone X, besides the great screen with no home button is the camera on it. iPhone X boasts a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera AND telephoto lens. Add to that wide-angle lens with f/1.8 aperture and f/2.4 on the telephoto. What’s the meaning of all this technical stuff? Basically, low aperture allows you to have better photos in low-light conditions and the telephoto allows you to zoom in with a 2X optical zoom before the digital zoom kicks in. In other words, better quality and more possibilities to take amazing pictures with your smartphone. Here’s how to maximize it!

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Learn the Camera’s App Options

As basic as this might sound, most people will just only use the normal option to take normal picture. It’s always important to get to know your phone and it’s secrets. You have other options that you can benefit from like Time-Lapse, Slow-Mo, Video, Photo, Portrait, Square, Pano. Here’s what each of them does.


The normal shots are taken with the Photo option. If you want to take a series of pictures, just hold on the photo button to do a burst of pictures of up to 10 pictures per second. Why use this option? Simply because it gives you choices to find just the right one. Especially useful on action sequences. And use the built-in optical zoom by pressing the 1X / 2X button or pinch the screen to zoom in. We’ve got the basics covered. Now onto the fun stuff!

iphone x photos


This option is underused because people don’t know much about it. What is it? Basically, it shoots a video, a short one at that because once you see it, it’s accelerated! That’s what we use for all those accelerated “home renovation” videos we see or “fast cleaning”. You can use it to also shoot cars passing by on a rainy day or while someone stays perfectly still while the rest of the world moves around. Pretty cool, right?


Opposite of time-lapse, it slows down your video and allows to get those “slow running” videos where everyone looks like a hero.

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Your regular to shoot videos. In all cases, when you shoot a video, you have some options, like the resolution and the frame rate. [See picture below]. For crispy clear videos, shoot in 60 fps. That will give you some high-quality videos. And iPhone X allows you to go up to 4k for the resolution. That’s insane! It’s always best to get to know the settings available for your camera phone to really nail it down.


Imagine yourself on top of a mountain with this amazing view and you want to capture it. Use the Pano option, which stands for Panorama or Panoramic and capture the full beauty of that sight.


This is your Instagram friendly feature. It takes the picture in square format so it’s easier to capture those perfect “Instagrammable” moments.

how to make photo iphone x


This is an amazing one. It’s a personal assistant to take amazing portraits and that tells you to move in closer or back. With iPhone X, you can choose different lights to make your pictures even more dazzling. The results are just amazing, try them out by taking pictures of your friends or your favorite instagrammable foods!

portrait photo options with iPhone x

Customizing Your Shots

Now that we learned about the features, that are available also on the front camera, time to know how to bring these features to the next level. Adorama offered some nice insights on photo composition as well and it’s worth a read.

First, learn to always make the best of the lighting feature. Capturing the picture with this feature allows you to have the most natural and clear picture. You can also modify the picture later, but there’s a chance it will not give you the result you can get while you already have the subject in front of you and you can move around to make it better.

Some phones have “food” as an option when taking pictures. Where’s the one on the iPhone X? Well, just use the Portrait option for it. You will immediately see that your food looks better through your phone then on your plate.

food photo with iphone x

When in the dark, make the best of iPhone X’s flash. That’s right, you can use that flash thanks to Slow Sync that allows for warmer picture and not the type that your old phones usually gave you, ghost white people. Try it out and see for yourself.

Use the live photos option, the one that captures a couple of second prior to the photo. You can blur the action with Long Exposure, create a loop or a boomerang to up your Instagram game!

long exposure photo with iphone x
long exposure photo with iphone x