Annoying iPhone X Problems And How To Fix Them For Good

Apple is still working out the kinks of its new phones, and that means problems for the people who use them. The iPhone X has a number of problems because of its revolutionary design and the altered placement of buttons. The iPhone X is not the iPhone 8, the 7, or the 6. To help make your life easier, this article will teach you how to fix annoying iPhone X problems.

1  – Hidden notifications

iOS Notification Preview  fix problems

By default, the notifications on the iPhone X are hidden. Apple calls it a security feature, but the average person would call it annoying. In order to see your notifications all the time, go to Settings > Notifications > Show Previews > and choose Always. Now you will always have your notifications visible. But be careful – this means they are visible from the lock screen, also.

2 – Bring back the Home Button

iOS AssistiveTouch

The iPhone X’s beautiful edge-to-edge display means the removal of the Home Button. There was simply no room for it, and that’s an annoying issue. While you can’t bring back the physical Home Button, there is a different solution. You can bring back the Home Button virtually – in the form of AssistiveTouch.

This feature lets you add a “soft” Home Button on your screen, one that you can drag and drop anywhere, and it can perform multiple functions – like taking a screenshot, opening the Control Center and performing other actions. To enable the “virtual” Home Button, head to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch > toggle it ON. To customize the button(s), tap Customize Top Level Menu.

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3 – Relearning the buttons

How to Use iPhone X Buttons

The new button placement on the iPhone X means relearning how to perform simple tasks. Taking a screenshot, restarting or shutting down your phone, closing an app, launching Siri – all these used to be easy on previous iPhones.

Turn off the phone

Press and hold either volume button and the sleep/wake button for two seconds. The phone will vibrate and an onscreen menu will appear, allowing you to access the “Slide to power off” slider.

Restart/reset the phone

This one is a little confusing and requires some button mashing. Hopefully, you don’t have to restart your phone too often. To do this, press the volume up button, then volume down, then press and hold the sleep/wake button until the Apple logo appears. Then release the button. You have to do this as quickly as possible because if you delay between one button and the next, resetting your phone will not work – and you will have to start again.

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Take a screenshot

Press the volume up and sleep/wake buttons at the same time and quickly release. This should let you take all the screenshots you want.

Launch Siri

Press and hold the sleep/wake button for two seconds – Siri should then launch.

Close apps

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, but don’t let go. Hold your finger in place for about two seconds. Now you’ll see all of your apps. Swipe left or right to see all the apps and then press and hold the app you want to close. A red icon with a white stripe will appear, tap this icon to close the app. You’ll have to repeat this lengthy process for each app you want to close.

4 – iPhone X screen “burn-in”

Burned iPhone X Screen

An issue with OLED displays is that with extended use on a static screen, “burn-in” can happen. This is when you see a remnant of what you were looking at – like an image, for example – even when you look at something different. This burn-in issue can eventually become permanent, requiring a screen or phone replacement.

The solution to this is simple. Use the auto-brightness setting to automatically adjust the brightness and prevent burn-in. This is the default option on the iPhone X. Secondly, make sure you turn off your iPhone X display when it’s not in use – especially when it is charging. Burn-in is only a big issue if your display is stuck on the same image at a high brightness level. A static image displayed on a phone screen for long periods of time will cause permanent burn-in requiring a screen or phone replacement.

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5 – iOS camera settings keep changing

Camera Settings on Apple iPhone

There’s no doubt: iPhone X has the best camera ever featured on iPhone (and here’s a complete guide on how to take pics like a pro with your iPhone X).

But, have you experienced this issue? Whenever you close your camera app and start it again, all your settings have changed and went back to default! ARGH!! So annoying! But there’s a fix for this – so take a deep breath. Simply go to Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings, and toggle all the switches you want to the ON position. The next time you open the camera app, your settings from last time will be there.

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