Apple is Giving $50 Refund on Battery Replacements

Did you get a battery replacement on an iPhone 6 out of warranty last year? If you did, we have good news for you as Apple refunds battery replacement if you did it out of warranty.

Last December, Apple had announced what will come to be later known as “batterygate” or the battery fiasco in iPhone 6 or older. Basically, it had a built-in feature that automatically slowed down the to avoid unexpected crashes. Unfortunately, this also gave the users the impression that it was time for a new phone. The slowed down device was still perfectly good if it wasn’t for the battery issue. This was due to Apple’s latest iOS upgrade 10.2.1 mainly on iPhone 6 or older.

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Apple’s Actions

When the news caught on with the issue related to Apple’s battery problem, it forced the company to down the cost of the battery from $79 to $29 as reported by USA Today. And with complains piling on, Apple went on to replace batteries for that price, regardless of battery capacity or age.

This led to consumers creating an action law-suit against Apple for the battery fiasco. To keep working on getting back the customer’s trust, Apple has recently announced that it will refund $50 on your battery replacement. If you did it out of warranty and if you paid for the full price. Not the $29 price, the full $79 price. If your replacement was done at an eligible and certified Apple Store.

The battery saga has created a spur of critics against Apple. It even fueled conspiracy theorist fans to push towards the idea that Apple deliberately made it happen to push people to upgrade and buy more. Given that we love Apple and their product, we won’t go into theories and stick to facts. Like the current actions that Apple is taking towards making up for the debacle.

Battery, Apple, iPhone 6, Battery Replacement, DIY, Apple, Refund, Apple Refund Battery Replacement

If You Have an iPhone 6

If did go through such process, you would normally receive a notification by email since the repair is registered in Apple’s customers database.  If you didn’t get the email, you should get in touch with Apple Support. This only applies if you have an eligible phone and if you did the replacement back in 2017.

In case you didn’t go at all through the process of changing your battery, you can still do it at an Apple Store or even by yourself thanks to one of Giga Fixxoo’s full battery replacement kit. It comes with all the necessary tools to do it yourself.

Battery, Apple, iPhone 6, Battery Replacement, DIY, Apple, Refund, Apple Refund Battery Replacement

Other Low Cost Solutions

You even have a video tutorial right here to help you replace your battery. You can find the battery for your model on Amazon. It’s a lot easier to do then you would think, and it will give your phone a second spur of life. So you don’t need to shy away from doing it yourself. With all of these options available to you, don’t wait any longer to revive your iPhone 6.

The only problem that Apple needs to face now is to deal with all the customers that upgraded their phone to iPhone 7 based on that original issue. The saga is not over, and we’ll keep an eye for you to let you know the latest news on everything Apple.

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