10 Amazing iPhone Apps You Haven’t Heard Of

For anyone who gets a new iPhone, the most popular and common apps to download might be Gmail, a Weather App, the favourite Messenger & Social Networking apps and some Games to play for those long commutes to work. But what about some of the more unknown and/or cool apps you haven’t heard of, but must have? Read this list of 10 Amazing iPhone Apps You Haven’t Heard Of to learn more!

1 – Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha amazing iphone App

Ever had a question Siri couldn’t answer? Wolfram Alpha is an app that answers questions like the little computer in the Star Trek television series. You can ask Wolfram Alpha to answer random facts or statistics about any topic, answer mathematical questions, and even plot graphs and equations.

2 – 1Password

Password Saving amazing iphone App

1Password is a nifty app that makes entering your password or confidential details easy and secure. With so many unique passwords required for websites and apps, it can be exhausting remembering them all. 1Password only requires you to remember the app’s password – it does all the rest.

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3 – Highball

cocktail app for iphone

This cool app is all about alcohol. If you like to play as the bartender and craft your own cocktails, Highball is the app for you. With lots of unique recipes and step-by-step guides, you can make the best cocktails for any time of day or event. And… it’s free!

4 – Skiplagged

Flight money saving app

Skiplagged makes finding the best flight deal easy. Traditionally, when you search for a flight, you get search results including layovers as part of a flight package. That means you go from point A, to point B, then to your destination, point C. With Skiplagged, you get the ability to go to point B without having to go to point C. This can save you lots of money by going to layover stops instead of the final destination.

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5 – Headspace

Meditation App

If you’ve always wanted to try meditating but never had the time, then you have to get Headspace. Headspace offers hundreds of guided meditation sessions to help you relax. Whether you’re meditating to clear your head, get ready for sleep or just try something new, Headspace makes it easy. You can start with five-minute meditation sessions and work your way up to twenty or even thirty-minute sessions.

6 – Zombies, Run!

Running App

If running is your thing, Zombies, Run! will take it one step further by adding a game element. In Zombies, Run!, your grueling workout turns into an exhilarating fight for survival. Run from one point to another to collect radio parts and supplies, while dodging zombies who are after your flesh. Will you survive?

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7 – Vellum Wallpapers

Wallpaper App for iPhone

So, your new iPhone has a beautiful and crisp Retina screen and all you want in life is a wallpaper that takes advantage of that screen. Vellum Wallpapers is the solution you’re looking for. With hundreds of hand-picked and high-quality wallpapers to choose from, you can change the look of your phone every single day. All the wallpapers are available for free to help you get into your Zen mode.

8 – Signal

Signal amazing iphone app

Are you serious about your privacy? Do you want to make sure your messages, phone calls and video calls are encrypted and safe from being hacked by underground hackers and the government? Then you need to give Signal a try. The app allows you to control your chat history and messages – deleting them automatically so that no one can read them again. It’s free and approved by top security technologists and whistleblowers like Edward Snowden.

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9 – Fair Ride

Uber and Lyft amazing app

If you have both Uber and Lyft in your city, then Fair Ride is the ultimate app to help you choose the cheapest fare from either company. The Fair Ride app gets data from both Uber and Lyft to tell you which is closest to you, and which ride-hailing company will offer the cheapest fare without surge pricing. The app is free, there are no ads and all it takes is one tap.

10 – Kitchen Stories

iOS Kitchen Stories App

Kitchen Stories is the ultimate foodie app. On this app, you can find delicious recipes with beautiful pictures and easy to follow instructions. A lot of the recipes also come with videos showing you how a dish is prepared – so you can get that perfect taste every time. The recipe database on Kitchen Stories continues to get bigger. Try the stuffed mushroom recipe – it’s quick and easy to make, wholesome, and filling.

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