How To Backup Your iPhone and Restore to a New One

You bought a new iPhone and want to learn how to backup your iPhone data from the old one? Backing up your iPhone might seem scary, but really, it’s very easy. We’ve got you covered in this nice little step by step visual guide. You can also check this awesome video for the instructions.

Backing Up Your Data on Your Old Phone.

backup iphone

1.Find iCloud

Go into settings and find iCloud. You will want to hit that button and go into iCloud. Here, you can find who you are sharing your iCloud with, how much space you have and what is backed up.

backup iphone

2. Backup

At the bottom, you will find “Backup”. Go in that section and make sure that iCloud Backup is turned on. If it is, great! Now hit that “Back Up Now” to make sure you have the latest data from your phone. Be patient as it can take a couple of minutes if it was already backup before. It can go to a couple of hours if it’s your first backup.

backup iphone

Restoring the Data Onto Your New iPhone

3. Restore Your Data

If it’s the first time you started your new iPhone, you must do the initial setup. This includes selecting a language, country, Wi-Fi. Once you go through the first couple of steps, it brings you to the important part, restoring your data.

backup iphone

4. iCloud Login

You will restore it from iCloud Backup. But if you used iTunes to backup your phone instead, you will select that option.

backup iphone

You will need to login into your iCloud account. It should be the same ID as your previous phone.

backup iphone

5. Find the Right Backup

Agree to the terms and conditions. This will bring you to the screen with your latest backups. You will choose the one you have just completed as it’s the most up to date.

It will take some time to restore, so you have to wait for it to finish before it will reboot. It will restore in two different steps. The first one is to install all your basic settings and information. The second will restore your apps after it has rebooted.

6. iCloud Keychain

It will bring you across the different sections of the initial setup until iCloud Keychain. If you had set it up on your previous device, might as well connect here. It will import all your passwords and avoid you the extra hassle.

backup iphone

7. Finishing the Setup

Which brings you to setting up Siri. You will have to set her up again as it won’t bring your old settings from her.

This will conclude your setup. Now the nice thing is that it will keep everything the same as how you left it. The same layout of apps, same files. And you will see the apps being downloaded. It will take some time, but your done. It will restore all your data from your apps as well! (most of them if they have iCloud as a back up)

backup iphone

Hope this guide will prove useful to backup your phone. You can now discover your new phone. If you don’t know your iPhone X, we’ve got you covered with these nice tips!

Now go ahead and give your new phone a spin with apps and games you couldn’t use before!