Changing Your iPhone’s Cracked Screen Made Easy

You’ve been dealing with your iPhone’s cracked screen for the last 6 months, because you can’t afford a new phone? No one says you need to live on with this sad truth anymore. Then one of your friends tells you to try a DIY kit, and cold sweats start dripping down your spine. Take a deep breath and relax because you’re about to discover how easy it is to change your screen. There’s a lot of options out there and here’s the most straightforward option of them all.

How to Start Changing Your iPhone Cracked Screen

Broken Screen, iPhone Screen Replacement, DIY Kit

Let’s clear something out. You will need to find a new screen. A new iPhone screen isn’t found in a dark alley from the back of a van. Well you can, but I wouldn’t trust it. You need to go to a trusted source like Apple. But it might be expensive to have it repaired with them if you don’t have Apple Care or it might take quite a bit of time to get it repaired.

Your next best guess is to find your local phone repair shop that has a good reputation. They might be pricey when it comes to changing your screen and the labor associated to it plus the parts. Which brings you to the DIY solutions. Don’t panic! It’s easier than you think. You can find one of our kits on Amazon where you will find people like you giving an honest opinion about the products:

Girlfriends phone screen broke badly being slammed in a car door, and upon looking around amazon this looked to be the best complete refurbishing package. The package comes with everything you should need, is designed very well, and the added support is a definite bonus. Well worth the price. Sometimes you really need to spend more for quality. The touch screen looks as new, works as new, and after very very carefully fitting the original fingerprint sensor, it is a fully functional phone again. Since the phone is still good, I think this has saved hundreds of pounds. You will obviously get a few glitches since the process is very fiddly. If at first it doesn’t work, make sure to retrace your steps. It might take two or even three attempts. Take care and do not get frustrated. Contact the seller with any issues! These guys know customer service!

Tools & Instructions

iPhone Screen Replacement, DIY Screen Kit

Here’s the run down. If you change your battery, it will take about 10 minutes to do so. Thinking changing your screen will be longer? It’s a very similar process, so no need to stress about it. What you get about doing it yourself? You get to have some fun experience taking care of it and you know what’s going on with your phone. A lot of people will also replace their battery at the same time to start with an almost brand new phone for a fraction of the price. And you don’t need to get out a full toolbox to take care of it, unless you want to look cool. But Giga Fixxoo provides a full kit, tools included.

Here’s what the kit will includes:

  • Retina screen including glass LCD & sensitive touch screen
  • High-precision toolset with screwdrivers
  • Illustrated repair guide
  • Magnetic project map

iPhone Screen Replacement, DIY Tool KitFor those DIY fans, this will be a breeze. You might already have your own professional tools and only need the screen. You can be more environment friendly by picking up only the screen instead of the full kit. But if you are new to this, you will have all the tools you need to make it happen.

Why Trust Giga Fixxoo?

The kit is 100% compatible with your phone. Every kit is made specifically for the make of the chosen iPhone model. The products are tested multiple times in a lab to ensure quality as well. And if you’re still not sure, we’ve got over 400,000 satisfied customers to back us up. This is not a cheap replacement. This is a quality product for fair price. Save yourself close to 100 quid compared to going through Apple.

iphone screen repair tutorial giga fixxoo
Click on image to access Fixxoo iPhone Repair Tutorial

How About Instructions?

You have all the different types of instructions to make it as clear as possible. From text, to picture by picture instructions and even making a iPhone Model Specific DIY step-by-step videos to make sure you do things right. You’re covered on all sides, even if you are a newbie when it comes to DIY solutions.