Solving iOS 12 WiFi Issues on iPhone X

With iOS 12 or iOS 11 being available, there’s a lot of users complaining about WiFi problems on the iPhone X. After the recent update, the main complaint was about the WiFi dropping or not connecting on the iPhone X. We wanted to help solving iOS 12 WiFi issues on your iPhone X. We took some time to gather some info and help you identify it and solve it if you have problems with your WiFi. Here’s a step by step guide to troubleshooting your phone.

Step One – Check the Router

Router iPhone WiFi Problems, Solution iOS 12As basic as this may seem, it’s always important to have a quick look at the rooter and trying to connect other devices to it. Just to make sure it’s not the problem here. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the ones that work best.

Step Two – Wi-Fi Enabled iPhone

Router iPhone WiFi Problems, Solution iOS 12It’s best to verify if the WiFi is enable on your phone as well. Sometimes, even turning it OFF and ON will help you make sure it’s up and running. To enable it, just go to “Settings” and click WiFi. It should show which network you are connected to, if any.

Now that we covered the basics and that you are still unable to connect to the WiFi through your phone, let’s have a look at potential solutions.

Onto the Real Problem – The Phone

First, check if any recent updates have been released for your phone by going to “Settings” and “General”. Scroll down to “Software Update” and give it a try. It might even help fix other problems that users have been complaining about.

If an update is available, have it installed. If it isn’t, go ahead and hard restart your phone to fix any small bugs that might be the cause of your problems. Normally, on iPhone 7 and earlier models, you just need to hold the side key and home button at the same time. Hard restarting your iPhone X and 8, it’s a bit more complicated. You have to do the following in order, just like a trick shot in a video game.

Press/Release Up Volume Button – Press/Release Down Volume Button – Press/HOLD Side Button until you see the Apple Logo.

iPhone X Hard Restart, Restart iPhone X, Tips for iPhone X

If you’ve done this correctly, you’re good to go.

Once your phone restarted, check for the WiFi connection. If it isn’t connecting, you should reset your “Network Settings” on your phone. It will take away WiFi Passwords, VPN and any other network related issues.

Simply go to “Settings – General – Reset” and select the “Reset Network Settings”.

After trying these two and you still have an issue, it’s time to give it a try with the hard guns. Or more like, do a hard reset. Before doing so, make sure your phone is back up. If you aren’t sure how to back up your phone, we’ve got you covert right here on how to back up your data. It’s never easy to go ahead and do a hard reset to factory settings on your phone, but if you backed it up, it shouldn’t be any problem to get your data back.

Factory Reset Settings iPhone X, iOS 12, DIY, SolutionsGo to “Settings – General – Reset” and then select the very scary “Erase all Content and Settings”.

Reinstall everything. Hopefully, while you are doing the installation, your phone will connect to the WiFi without any problems.

If the problem persists and the Wi-Fi still keeps disconnecting, you should also reset your router. Just disconnect it from the wall and any power source for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This will clear off the little bugs in the router, just like your phone. Plug it right back.

If all else fails, check your phone warranty and see if you can have Apple either give you a new phone or help you repair the issues. Normally, these steps should have solved the issue with the WiFi, especially if it started soon after the latest iOS 11 and 12 update.