New 2018 iPhone, iPhone X Plus & iPhone 9 Rumors

The end of the year is always an exciting time for Apple iPhone fans. With plans announced to release three new iPhones later this year, including an even larger iPhone X model (perhaps the iPhone X Plus?) as well as a more budget-friendly option, there’s quite a bit to look forward to if you’re in the market for a new iPhone.

Aside from refined designs and new features, we’re most likely going to see enhancements in terms of processor speeds, screen resolution, battery life and maybe even some color or material options.

So, let’s get to the new iPhone rumors

new 2018 iphoneAs mentioned above, Apple is likely to release three new iPhones this year. Two of those phones will be equipped with OLED screens and once equipped with an LCD screen. The two OLED models are slated to ship in September, with the LCD screen model expected to ship in October. “We currently see no delay in the ramp of Apple’s upcoming flagship 5.8-inch or 6.5-inch OLED iPhones. However suspected issues with LED backlight leakage have caused a one-month delay in mass production of the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, although this is down from a six-week delay baked into the original production forecast, according to suppliers.” Says Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty.

So if you’re looking to save a bit of scratch on your next new iPhone, it’ll probably be best to wait until October.

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iPhone 11, iPhone X Plus or iPhone X2?

new iphone 2018What will the next new iPhone be called? Well, that’s a good question. Some say we might see an iPhone XS, others think we’ll be getting an iPhone 11. Some even say that Apple might be getting rid of numbers entirely, at least with the lower-end, non-X model iPhones. The only surefire way to find out though is to wait for Apple’s official announcement.

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Why OLED and LCD for the next iPhone X?

new iphoneMany sources are showing that there will be a lower-cost LCD screen iPhone coming later this year. One thing that’s not clear is which model iPhone will have either an LCD screen or OLED screen. Something that’s consistent with the many reports we’re seeing is that the LCD screen model is likely to sell much quicker than the OLED version.

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Rumor: Three Rear Cameras

iphone x cameraOne of the new 2018 iPhone models might have a rear-facing camera outfitted with 3 lenses. Three lenses would increase the phone’s zoom capability as well as improve low light photo performance and quality.

Another Rumor: A Bigger iPhone

big iphone

According to reports, we’re most likely going to see a pair of supersize iPhones, including a 6.1 inch LCD version and 6.5 inch OLED model. These models are predicted to be released in the coming months.

Rumors Galore

While only time can tell, the rumors we’ve discussed today are only based on speculation and reports circulating the web. None of these features are guaranteed and the only way to be certain of what’s to come is to wait for Apple’s coming announcements.

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