Most Common Mistakes that Shorten your iPhone Battery

How often have you found yourself in a complete panic because your iPhone Battery has gone dead? We’ve become so dependent on our devices we’ve forgotten how to maintain their health! Lucky it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are the top mistakes you’ve been making with your iPhone Battery and how you can restore it back to health:

1. Using Location services for every app

Mistakes you're making to Shorten your iPhone Battery

Using your phone’s location tracking can drain your battery in more ways than you think. You’ll find that most of the apps you have on your iPhone nowadays love to encourage you to have your location services turned on. Truth is, this probably isn’t necessary for most of your apps.

Sure, using it for Google Maps, or outdoor exercising might be useful, but you probably don’t need to have it turned on for Social Media apps such as Facebook, Yelp or WhatsApp. You can also limit your app’s location access by choosing three types of access. These include “Never”, “While Using the App”, or “Always”. Avoid having any app turned on for “Always” to save battery.

You can turn your location services off or change their settings by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. It’s here you can change the settings for each app.

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2. Apps that Refresh when Not in Use

Mistakes you're making to Shorten your iPhone Battery

Here is another mistake to avoid to save your iPhone battery. You may find that many of your apps are allowed to refresh themselves even when they aren’t in use. This means that your apps are constantly fetching your location, sending you notifications and updating their status. With all of this background activity, even when the app isn’t in use, it is draining your battery.

There aren’t that many scenarios that require your apps to be constantly updating when you’re not using them. Turning off these background activities will make sure you’re conserving your iPhone battery life.

To check up on your background activity apps, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > then either toggle the general Background App Refresh setting or turn it off for different apps.

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3. Having WiFi On at All Times

Turn Wi-Fi off - Mistakes you're making to Shorten your iPhone Battery

WiFi can save your battery when it is available as it uses less battery than cellular data. However, it’s not great for your battery. When your WiFi is on, your device is constantly looking for networks to connect to. If you don’t need WiFi, switch it off.

Another problem the WiFi function has on your iPhone, is it usually desperately tries to hold onto a signal even if you’re on your last 10% of battery.

In order to improve your iPhone’s battery health, enable WiFi Assist. Using WiFi Assist will automatically switch your WiFi to cellular data when your WiFi signal is low. To turn on Wi-Fi Assist, go to Settings > Cellular and toggle the switch.

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4. Not using Low Power Mode

Low power mode - Mistakes you're making to Shorten your iPhone Battery

If you haven’t used this function yet, this might just change everything. The iPhone’s Low Power Mode is everything you’d suspect it to be. It automatically turns off every feature of the iPhone off that sucks all of your iPhone battery. Sure, certain features might take longer to complete or respond, but at least it will buy your battery a little bit more time. The Low Power Mode reduces email fetching, Siri, background app refresh, automatic downloads and your iCloud Photo Library.

It still seems like a very small price to pay if it means you can add an extra hour onto your iPhone! To turn on Low Power Mode, simply go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls and select Low Power Mode.

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5. Still having issues with your iPhone Battery?

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