iPhone XR vs. iPhone XS Camera: Is It Worth £150?

Now that the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max have been out for a few months, people have a grasp at the camera quality of these newest Apple devices. Off the bat, there is one major difference between the iPhone XR and XS – one lens. The XR comes with a one back camera set up while the XS comes with two lenses that work together to shoot some incredible photo.

Two lenses are better than one, right? Not what some owners are reporting. Some owners on Reddit wish they waited to buy the XR instead of the XS. This is because the XR shoots high-quality low-light pictures in portrait mode using its one and only wide-angle lens (but can only shoot people), while the XS uses the telephoto lens to shoot portrait mode pictures.

What is Portrait Mode?

iPhone Portrait Mode of Little Girl

Portrait mode is a relatively new feature in smartphones that shoots DSLR-type photography with a bokeh (background blur) effect. The iPhone XR uses computing power and a very smart algorithm to create the bokeh effect. On the other hand, the iPhone XS combines the power of the two lenses to create a beautiful picture with a great depth of field.

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The Specs

Back of iPhone XS With Two Lenses

The iPhone XR uses a 26mm wide-angle lens which captures a lot more of the environment in one picture. The iPhone XS uses a 52mm telephoto lens, so you don’t need to sneak in closer to someone or something to take a picture. The aperture of the XR is f1.8, while the XS is f2.4, which means the XR can capture more light in low-light conditions.

Which iPhone is the Better iPhone?

iPhone XR and XS Comparison

When it comes to choosing an iPhone for its camera qualities, it’s a hard decision. The iPhone XR is the clear winner when it comes to shooting in low-light and night situations. It captures more light and detail, but the portrait mode only works on people. So if you wanted to take a picture of your dog or a flower with a dazzling bokeh effect – you can’t.

If you don’t care about portrait mode or hardly ever use it, then the iPhone XS and XS Max camera is the one to get. No matter what the subject of your picture is, you’ll get a lot more detail – provided there is enough light. Two camera lenses working together is always better than one, especially if one of them provides 2x zoom capability without losing important details.

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150 GBP Price Difference

20 British Pounds Price Difference

The price difference between the iPhone XR and XS is 150 GBP. That’s a lot of money! Is it worth paying the extra to get the XS? The low-light picture quality of the XS might be bad now, but Apple can always fix it and make it better. The portrait mode bokeh effect and a few more effects in the camera settings are all created using the iPhone’s computing power.

The lens only captures the picture but does not create the bokeh effect. This means that Apple could completely remove the bokeh effect from all iPhones, or improve the effect so both the XR and XS have the same quality. Apple has time to make tweaks to the camera settings as time goes on. If having two lenses on the back of your next iPhone is important for you, go for the iPhone XS. You won’t regret it.