Top iPhone Gifts and Accessories this Fall 2018

Are you looking for the best iPhone gifts and accessories this fall? With Christmas fast approaching, we’ve put together a list of the best gifts every iPhone user will love, check the list below!

1. Dockin D Mate Bluetooth Speaker

Dockin D Mate iPhone Gifts Accessories iphone gifts and accessoriesAre you looking for an iPhone gift for someone who always listens to music on their iPhone? This is the perfect gift for the music lover. Not only is it water resistant, it produces exceptional sound. It pairs simultaneously with your iPhone and makes the perfect travel companion. The Dockin D Mate comes with 16 hours of battery life and even comes with a power bank so you can charge your iPhone. Talk about the perfect combination!

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2. Bellroy Leather iPhone Case

Bellroy iPhone Gifts Accessories 2018

Everybody loves a good leather case. Not only is this case incredibly thin, it also gives the option to store your most used cards at the back. By tucking the card compartment behind the phone and tapering the case edges, Bellroy were able to keep things surprisingly slim and functional. We must remember not to compromise looks with safety as we know how fragile our iPhones can be. This case is durable and still looks this good!

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3. TwobeFit Fitness Tracker

iPhone Gift Accessories 2018 Fitness Tracker iphone gifts and accessories

Fitness Trackers are great ways to help you stay motivated and get you in shape. They’ve also become incredibly affordable over the years. They’re a great gift in the lead up to the new year and one your friend will enjoy using! We love the TwobeFit Fitness Tracker because it’s sleek, has a variety of functionalities and most of all; it’s comfortable to wear. The TwobeFit Fitness Tracker has heart rate monitoring, 12 different training modes, its waterproof and even monitors your sleep!

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4. Giga Fixxoo iPhone Battery Repair Kit

Battery Repair iPhone Gift Accessories 2018 iphone gifts and accessoriesDo you have a friend who always has no battery? Our iPhone Repairing Kit is the perfect gift because it gives your iPhone a whole new life. Apple purposely wears down your iPhone battery so we give up and upgrade to the latest version of the iPhone. Most of the time, this is entirely unnecessary. This repairing kit allows you to replace your own battery so you practically have a brand new phone! It’s incredibly easy to use and replace, all tools and instructions are provided so you’ll never have to overpay again.

Read more about mistakes that shorten your battery life on our blog.

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5. Native Union Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger Best iPhone Gifts Accessories iphone gifts and accessories

The iPhone battery is something we all battle with each day. The Native Union Wireless Charger looks sleek and makes a great addition to the decor of your home. Charging at 10W, this wireless charger is up there for one of the fastest wireless chargers that exist on the market. This charger also comes with silicone tread so it keeps your device in place and prevents it from overheating for optimum charging speed.

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6. Olloclip Photo Lens

Olloclip Lenses iPhone 2018 Gifts Accessories iphone gifts and accessories

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves to take photos on their iPhone (and let’s face it, who doesn’t), then you need to check these out! Olloclip offer a wide variety of different options including wide angle, telephoto, macro and polarizer lenses – for most iPhone models. They’re compact, easy to travel with and produce brilliant photos. They come in various collections, with the Essential Lenses Collection the perfect starter kit for the iPhone photographer!

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