new apple 2019 products

As we come up on the end of 2018, it’s time to set our sights on the upcoming year; and by that we mean new Apple products! This past year brought us the launch of many new products, including HomePod, a new iPad, a new Apple Watch, a new MacBook Pro, and a new Mac Mini. As we look towards 2019, there are rumors circulating that there will be new iPhones, iPads AirPods, Macbook and iMacs slated to launch soon.

An Upgraded iPhone SE – The iPhone SE 2

iphone se

The trend over the past couple of years has been size. iPhones have been getting bigger and bigger, but size isn’t for everybody and Apple seems to have realized this. The original iPhone SE was introduced in March of 2016 and is rumored that sometime during the upcoming we’ll see an updated version of the original 4-inch iPhone SE.

The iPhone SE 2 will most likely keep the same slim and classic design, except with upgraded internals like an A10 chip and an upgraded camera. We’ve also heard that the iPhone SE 2 might don an iPhone X look, but we’re not too sure that an entry-level iPhone will come with Face ID. Only time will tell…

So when should we expect the iPhone SE 2? Sometime during spring of 2019…most likely.

What About The iPad mini?

ipad miniWhile on the subject of smaller devices, let’s talk about the iPad mini. While a growing number of iPhone owners might be looking to make the switch to a smaller device, the same can’t be said about iPad owners. With phone screens getting bigger and bigger, many users will opt for a larger phone instead of purchasing a smaller iPad.

With the last update for the iPad mini being back in September of 2015, it’s a safe bet that we won’t be seeing an upgraded iPad mini this year.

So, What About TV Streaming, HomePod and Airpods?

apple homepodThere’s a lot going on in the streaming world these days, and Apple is looking to get a piece of the action. In 2019 Apple will likely launch a new subscription movie and TV streaming service featuring some of their own shows! Of course, this content will be available on all Apple devices.

In terms of HomePod, we’re expecting to see HomePod 2 sometime in 2019. This HomePod will likely be smaller and cheaper in efforts to compete with Amazon and Google.

airpodsAlso, we’re looking forward to seeing upgraded AirPods coming next year. Appropriately named the “AirPods 2”, these are rumored to come sometime during March of 2019. We’re guessing that the AirPods 2 will be water resistant, noise canceling, work with Hey Siri voice activation and also feature biometric sensors in order to measure heart rate.

One thing that’s confirmed: the new AirPods 2 charging case will be compatible with the new AirPower wireless charging pad.

So there you have it! Lots of new and exciting products should be coming from Apple early next year.  Until then, enjoy the holidays! Speaking of the holidays, have you checked out our iPhone Gift and Accessories guide?