ios 12 problems

By now, you’re probably running iOS 12 or at least thinking of updating. As with every update, you can expect a number of bugs and issues plaguing iOS 11 to have been eliminated. But with that said, the new update brings its own share of problems.

Today, we’ll be discussing some common iOS 12 problems and remedies to fix them.

WIFI and Cellular Connectivity

ios 12 problemsOne of the major problems reported by iOS 12.1.1 users is sporadic connectivity to cellular data, leaving many users to rely on WIFI. Unfortunately, at this time, there doesn’t appear to be a fix for this issue aside from reverting to an older version of iOS – iOS 12.1.

If you’re experiencing connectivity issues and want to revert to iOS 12.1, you first need to connect your device to a computer and open up iTunes. Navigate to device settings and restore it from there. Before doing this, we recommend trying to reset network settings by following this sequence: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Issues Importing iCloud Backups

icloud ios 12 problemsOne problem plaguing iPads has been inconsistent iCloud backups. Since the iPad didn’t receive iOS 12.1.2 at the same time as the iPhone, many users found that their devices were running different operating systems which has lead to some problems.

Users setting up a new iPad from an iCloud backup of their iPhone have found that this procedure simply won’t work due to the difference in operating systems. Unless the iPad is running 12.1.2 or later, the only way to set it up is manually.

If you’re not looking to do a manual set up, the only other option is to purchase a Beta iOS operating system for $99 with an Apple Developer profile; you could also wait until a new operating system is released for iPad.

iMessages Sent to Wrong Contacts

ios 12 problemsThis is a strange one. A large number of users has reported that after updating to iOS 12, their iMessages are often sent to the wrong recipients. Once explanation for this phenomenon is both the intended and actual recipient are using the same Apple ID. Why would they be using the same ID? Most likely because they’re family members.

Some posters on MacRumors theorize that Apple intentionally collapsed all identities in a user’s contact list sharing the same Apple ID into a single, unified entry. If you’re finding this is the case for you, the solution would be to switch to Family Sharing. This will create separate calendars, notifications, and contacts.

If this doesn’t work for you, then we suggest going into each device’s iMessage settings and unlinking it from their Apple ID. Also, make sure each contact with the same Apple ID only lists phone numbers or emails. This will avoid messages being grouped together.

So, is really worth updating despite the iOS 12 Problems?

In short – yes. Each new operating system is designed to fix plaguing issues of its predecessors. New iOS systems rarely come without their share of problems and no matter what new bugs they bring, there are always ways to fix them. Speaking of fixing issues, is your iPhone’s battery on its last leg? Consider a DIY iPhone battery replacement from Fixxoo!