Top Tips to Keep Your iPhone Safe in 2019

We’ve all had an iPhone lost/stolen, broken our screen or ran out of battery in our lives. It’s all part of owning a smartphone and unfortunately, these things happen. If there’s one thing we want to focus on this year, is making sure we keep our iPhone safe, secure and healthy. We’ve put together a few tips for you to follow in order to keep your iPhone safe, in one piece and a full battery!

1. Keep iOS Up to Date

iphone safety 2019

The number one rule of keeping your iPhone away from hackers is keeping your iOS up to date. If you’re someone who always holds off on updating the software on your iPhone, you’re actually putting yourself in risk the longer you wait! Why? Because hackers are constantly trying to find flaws in Apple’s coding in which they can exploit and giving them access to your personal data. While Apple’s iOS system is relatively secure and difficult to crack, there have been many instances where hackers have been successful in finding a way to hack the system. New updates are Apple’s solution in patching bugs and holes in the iOS and ensuring more stability. In addition to this, most updates actually improve your battery life! Read our blog on common mistakes people make to shorten their battery life.

2. Use Touch ID or Face ID

apple iphone safe healthy touch id

A lot of people who aren’t used to using Touch ID have a slow start to adapting it, but using this feature (if your iPhone supports it) will give you added security to your phone. A four-digit passcode can easily be guessed by a computer with enough time and we think the face recognition or finger print is a pretty cool feature to use even if its not to secure your iPhone in case its stolen.

3. Turn on two-step verification for Apple ID and iCloud

iphone safety two factor authentication

Have you noticed how many times you’ll receive a notification to turn on a two-step verification for Apple ID and iCloud? Apple highly recommends it, and we do too. A two-step verification involves registering one or more trusted devices that you can receive a 6-digit verification code. Every time you sign in to manage your Apple ID, sign into iCloud or make any in-store purchases, it will prompt to verify your identity by entering both your password and 6-digit verification code. See a step to step guide on how to enable the two-step verification on your iPhone. It sounds like a lot of work, but if your iPhone is hacked or stolen, would you want all your images and personal data to be out there in the world?

4. Use a Protective Case

protective case iphone otter

Now enough about security, protect the outside of your iPhone just as well as what’s inside! Making sure you have a secure case could save you hundreds of dollars in paying for your screen to get fixed or even a new iPhone! While we have sturdy, easy to use DIY Screen Repair Kits, its best to avoid having your screen broken in the first place. Make sure you find a case that not only looks good, but also has been tested. A brand we love is Otter, proven to be one of the best and most protective cases out there. For extra caution, add a tempered glass screen protector to avoid your screen from getting scratched.

5. Check your Battery Usage

check battery usage iphone apple

We’ve all experienced our iPhone batteries deteriorating over time. To check whether there is a problem with your iPhone battery, go to Settings > General > Battery and wait for your Battery Usage report to show. To test your battery, write down the usage and standby times, then turn your iPhone off. After five minutes, turn your iPhone on and check the report again. If your iPhone is healthy, the usage time should have gone up by less than a minute, while standby time should have gained at five minutes. And if your usage time has increased more than this, it means your battery is draining when your iPhone should be asleep. Even if this is the case, don’t worry – we have your back! Our DIY Battery Replacement Kits are cost efficient and you’ll be surprised how easy it is for you to install.

Don’t think you have the ability to replace your battery or screen yourself? We’ve made it so easy, that everybody can do it. Read about how DIY works and how you can do it too!